Where to Travel in 2019

From the scuba-friendly waters of Curaçao to the UNESCO-stamped streets of Meknès in Morocco, these are the six destinations topping our bucket list for 2019.

Inflight Entertainment

What to Watch on Board in February

Air Canada brings you the revived Quebec classic Les Pays d’en haut, the searing documentary Sharkwater Extinction and Robert Redford’s The Old Man and the Gun on your seatback screen.

Expert Advice

How to Get Your Best Sleep on the Go

Anyone who’s ever tossed and turned with jet lag knows about the challenges of sleep. We spoke to two Canadian sleep experts who don’t pull any punches when it comes to lifestyle advice. Here are seven useful tips to enjoy great shut-eye.

Expert Advice

The Best Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

Want to relax in a private health club between two meetings, or make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure? There’s an app for that! Discover 10 travel apps that’ll inject added value into your travels.

Expert Advice

Five of Canada’s Best New Cocktails

After having tackled Canada’s Best New Restaurants for nearly two decades, Air Canada enRoute decided to track down the nation’s best new bars. We asked this year’s winners to share with us some of their top cocktail recipes.

Expert Advice

Best Canadian Restaurants for Your Next Business Dinner

Six places to impress a colleague or client from Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2018 writer, Nancy Matsumoto.

How to Upgrade Your Travel Experience

As an Air Canada Altitude Member, you’re accustomed to reaching your destination in comfort. But getting there is just the beginning: With these luxury travel tips, you can elevate your entire journey. Here’s how to maximize your experience the whole way through.

Expert Advice

How to Survive the Long Haul

Long flights can be a challenge for the body and the mind, but they don’t have to be. We asked two frequent flyers who split their time between North America and Asia for five top tips on how to make the most of your time in the air.

Expert Advice

How to Beat the Clock: Five Pro Tips from Top Life/Work Coaches

At the end of the day, do you feel like you’ve barely touched your to-do list? Where does the time go? We spoke to three Canadian life/work coaches who argue that we have more time than we think. It’s just a matter of adopting a few good habits.

Expert Advice

The Altitude Summer Reading Guide

From playful fiction to a new take on the world economy, this summer brings with it a captivating crop of brand new page-turners. These seven books will make short work of your next flight.

Expert Advice

The Wine List: The Latest Greatest Canadian Vintages

We asked Air Canada’s sommelier Véronique Rivest – who selects the wines exclusively for our International Business Class – to share some of her favourite Canadian bottles for 2018.