Inflight Entertainment

What to Watch on Board in June

Air Canada brings you Zac Efron as real-life serial killer Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Julianne Moore as a high-spirited divorcée in Sebastián Lelio’s Gloria Bell and the sketch comedy show Les magnifiques on your seatback screen.

Expert Advice

What Do Canadian Startup CEOs Pack?

In the current issue of Air Canada enRoute magazine, you’ll learn about 19 Canadian startups that are changing the world. We asked three of those companies’ CEOs to share their travel essentials.

Inflight Entertainment

What to Watch on Board in May

Air Canada brings you Jason Momoa in the smash superhero epic Aquaman, Peter Jackson’s deeply moving World War I documentary They Shall Not Grow Old and Clint Eastwood as a geriatric drug smuggler in The Mule on your seatback screen.

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How to Be a Better Traveller

In honour of Earth Day, we asked Danielle Chabassol of Exploring Alternatives to share her tips on reducing our environmental impact on the road.

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How to Get More out of the Hotel Gym

You just checked in and you’re itching for a workout, but the hotel gym doesn’t have your go-to equipment. Three Canadian trainers share five reasons why that might just be the recipe for your best training session of the week.

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The Best Travel Accessories for 2019

From the best in tech to travel bags that do more, here’s the gear you need to up your packing game this year.


Where to Travel in 2019

From the scuba-friendly waters of Curaçao to the UNESCO-stamped streets of Meknès in Morocco, these are the six destinations topping our bucket list for 2019.

Expert Advice

How to Get Your Best Sleep on the Go

Anyone who’s ever tossed and turned with jet lag knows about the challenges of sleep. We spoke to two Canadian sleep experts who don’t pull any punches when it comes to lifestyle advice. Here are seven useful tips to enjoy great shut-eye.

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The Best Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

Want to relax in a private health club between two meetings, or make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure? There’s an app for that! Discover 10 travel apps that’ll inject added value into your travels.

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Five of Canada’s Best New Cocktails

After having tackled Canada’s Best New Restaurants for nearly two decades, Air Canada enRoute decided to track down the nation’s best new bars. We asked this year’s winners to share with us some of their top cocktail recipes.

Expert Advice

Best Canadian Restaurants for Your Next Business Dinner

Six places to impress a colleague or client from Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2018 writer, Nancy Matsumoto.

How to Upgrade Your Travel Experience

As an Air Canada Altitude Member, you’re accustomed to reaching your destination in comfort. But getting there is just the beginning: With these luxury travel tips, you can elevate your entire journey. Here’s how to maximize your experience the whole way through.