8 Travel Essentials the Designers Pack

In the October issue of Air Canada enRoute, we announced the winners of the 2017 Air Canada Travel Design Awards, highlighting the Canadian-made travel gear and accessories that wowed our panel of experts. But what do these award-winning designers take with them on their trips? We asked three of them to share with us the items they never leave home without.

The Designers

Xavier Peich, CEO and co-founder of CycleLabs, makers of the SmartHalo cycling GPS app

Brittny Robins, founder of Toronto skin-care brand Flawless by Friday

Josh Udashkin, founder and CEO of luggage company Raden


The Vandal Expandable Cargo Pack, by Mission Workshop
“I never check luggage,” says cycling expert Xavier Peich.I’ll take only what I need, and then take half of that. This year I bought the best backpack in the history of backpacks, by Mission Workshop. It’s perfect for cycling and for city life in general.”


Flawless in 15 Facial Mask System, by Flawless by Friday
“I always make sure to have this mask with me,” says beauty pro Brittny Robins. “Its cooling hydrogel technology keeps you relaxed inflight, all while keeping your skin protected, soothed and moisturized. I compare wearing it to holding a puppy: It makes you seem approachable because you’re willing to look a little silly. If I have extras on me, I even pass them out to anyone around me who asks about the treatments so we can all mask together!”


A22 Carry, by Raden
“I always stick to our A22 carry-on because it keeps me from severely overpacking,” says Raden’s Josh Udashkin, who knows luggage inside out. “Aside from the tech features, the best thing about it is that I know it will fit in any overhead bin domestically and internationally. I never have to worry about it getting gate-checked, which means no stress or anxiety.”


Sweet Dreams contoured sleep mask with earplugs and travel pouch, by Dream Essentials
“An eye mask and earplugs are a must to get some sleep inflight,” in Peich’s opinion. “Don’t kid yourself, you can’t stay sane while sitting in a plane for more than two hours. Try to sleep a little bit to fast-forward in time!” 


Mixed-yarn cotton tweed jacket, by 45rpm
Udashkin has a travel style strategy: “For business travel, it’s all about layering in a smart and comfortable way. I typically opt for a blazer by the Japanese brand 45rpm, which is made from a more athletic material, but the tailored form elevates any casual outfit.”


Vitamin C gummies in Tangy Orange, by Jamieson
“I’m never without my vitamin C,” says Robins. “If anyone even has a sniffle on the plane I usually catch it, so I avoid sickness as best I can.”

PowerCore Power Bank, by Anker
Peich marries the philosophical with the practical: “I can’t live without love, water and electricity. So I always carry a spare USB battery, because some planes don’t have USB outputs. I’ve been burned before! Always have an external battery. ​Always.”

Signature Nylon Tote, by L.L. Bean
For Udashkin, “The most important thing is to have pieces that keep me looking professional, but that don’t forgo function. I’m never without my Ray-Bans, white Converses and this L.L. Bean tote: It fits perfectly atop a Raden A22.”

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