TheAltitude Report

Altitude Community is now closed

We’d like to say thanks to all who contributed to the Altitude Community over the past few years. Your recommendations informed and inspired our travels, and we appreciate the time you took to share your favourite spots with other Altitude members.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ below.

Happy travels!


Is Air Canada Altitude shutting down?
No. Only the Altitude Community – an online social network where frequent flyers shared their travel recommendations – is being shut down. Rest assured that Air Canada Altitude, which is designed to recognize and reward our most frequent travelers, is not affected by this change.

Additionally, please note that Air Canada is launching its own frequent flyer program in 2020. More information on this important change can be found here.

What will happen to all the recommendations currently on the website?
All current recommendations will be taken down and will no longer be accessible to the public.

Can I still access my profile and recommendations?
Users with active profiles will be able to access the site until May 31 only. Afterwards, it will be closed to everyone.

Can I still make lists and accumulate Bonus Aeroplan Miles?
No. The “Make a List” function is now disabled.

What will happen to any Bonus Aeroplan Miles I have already accumulated on the Altitude Community?
You keep them! And before the Altitude Community is closed for good, any outstanding Bonus Aeroplan Miles you are due will be awarded.

How do I delete my profile, photos and recommendations?
All you need to do is deactivate your account. While logged in, click on “My Profile,” located in the menu on the upper right-hand part of the screen. Once on your profile page, click on “Deactivate My Account,” located at the bottom of the page.

Where will I be able to find the Altitude Report articles?
Altitude Report articles will continue to be posted here.

Any other questions?
Feel free to contact us.