Las Vegas Through the Eyes of Cirque du Soleil

Two long-time performers with the world’s premiere theatre company give us the lowdown on their favourite spots in the entertainment capital.

Jimmie Cervera

Jimmie Cervera

Having grown up in Los Angeles, Jimmie Cervera often visited Las Vegas with his parents – but the dancer/actor never thought he would someday live there. Today, the city is very much his home: He’s spent more than 13 years working on Cirque du Soleil productions in Vegas, including The Beatles LOVE, in which he currently stars as the show’s mysterious host, Doctor Robert.

Best Food/Art Experience

“I love Japanese fondue, and there’s this wonderful place called Yojié. It’s both an art gallery and a restaurant. The space is long and narrow, and you sit side by side next to other diners with hot-pot burners in front of you. As you place your thinly sliced beef and vegetables in the pot of boiling-hot water, you can check out the selection of original art hanging on the wall across from you. Yojié changes the art every two weeks, so there’s always something new to see."

Best Place to Cool Off

Golden Tiki

Photo: Chris DeVargas

“I like to go to the Golden Tiki. The place is so colourful and the bartenders are friendly. They have this amazing Dole Whip on the menu, which comes in handy in the heat. It’s a mix of frozen pineapple yogurt and alcohol, and this place has the best one in town. The bar also plays great music – lots of swing and vintage hits. It’s located not far from Treasure Island, so if you want to get off the beaten path and try something unique, this is the place to go.” 

Best Comfort Food on the Outskirts of Town

Bonnie Springs Ranch

“There’s a hidden gem located about 30 minutes outside of the city called Bonnie Springs Ranch. It’s a rustic old mining town with a restaurant that serves the best barbecued ribs, beef brisket, pork and beans, mac ’n’ cheese and other comfort food – on a tin plate as if you were a miner. The place is perfect for the whole family. It has an old Western ghost town and a petting zoo. You can also go horseback riding, or even take a hike in the desert. It’s at a higher elevation and there’s a lot of shade, so it’s much cooler than in the city.”

Best Place to Entertain the Kids

Container Park

Photo: Emily Wilson

“If you’re with a family, there’s a playground for both adults and children in Container Park. It’s called that because all of the stores and restaurants inside are made out of shipping containers. The place has some excellent shops, a stage for shows and a grassy knoll where you can sit and hang out or watch a movie. They also have a nice wine bar called Bin 702. And at the front gate there is this huge praying mantis that was once at Burning Man and breathes fire every half-hour.”


Tatyana Mironovich

Tatyana Mironovich

The hot streets of Las Vegas are nothing like the cold gymnasiums of Kiev where Tatyana Mironovich first perfected her craft. But after living in Las Vegas for 19 years – where she performs in the barge and Russian-swing segments of Cirque du Soleil’s O – Mironovich now has plenty of favourite places to bring her friends and family when they visit from Russia.

Best Steakhouse

“My husband and I like to eat out, and if I am in the mood for steak we go to Fleming’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar. Best steaks in the city! And the way they care for their clients is exceptional. The food here is consistently great. My favourite thing to order is the filet mignon. It’s like butter.”

Best Cocktail


“The bar at the Bellagio is called Hyde. It faces the famous fountains, which can be very romantic. You can go in the evening and sit outside and just watch the sun go down. The bar is so comfortable and tastefully decorated. They have this drink I love called the Cable Car. It’s a rum-based martini, but very light, with sugar on the rim of the glass. You can actually order it anywhere in the hotel.”

Best Massage

“We are very spoiled with the massage therapists we have at the Cirque, but when I want to relax and pamper myself, I go to the Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian. They offer the best foot massage. It’s 90 minutes on the feet alone, with a special mask treatment and a scrub. I love it!”

Best Place to Enjoy a Night Off

“There is a movie theatre in Henderson called the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+. It’s not your typical theatre. They have recliners that go all the way down and turn your seat into almost a bed. You can also order delicious food and drinks, not just popcorn and soda in plastic cups. The rooms are small but intimate – like having your own movie theatre in your home.

Photos of Jimmie Cervera and Tatyana Mironovich courtesy of Cirque du Soleil.