The Best Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

Want to relax in a private health club between two meetings, or make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure? There’s an app for that! Discover 10 travel apps that’ll inject added value into your travels.

From audio-guided tours by famous locals to a pocket translator that can help you order a drink in 38 languages, we rounded up some of our favorite travel apps.


The best app for getting around

Curb the stress of finding your way around a new destination with Citymapper, a public-transport app that provides maps for buses, trams, subway systems and even bike routes and bike-sharing networks. The international coverage is extensive, plus it provides real-time departure schedules and service-disruption alerts.


The best app for staying organized

Collate all your travel details with TripCase, a tried-and-tested application that organizes everything from flight details and hotel reservations to car rentals into one streamlined itinerary. Share your trip details with others and the app will update them automatically. If changes arise, like gate swaps and delays, you’ll be notified right away. You can even hail an Uber ride directly within the app.


The best app for an awesome layover

Make the most of your next layover with FLIO, a guide to over 3,000 international airports that includes a wealth of information about services offered, Wi-Fi networks, lounges, transit options and food recommendations. The custom interactive maps will guide you from gate to gate, and if you’ve got time to spare, check out the app’s exclusive discounts for restaurants, cafés and shops.

iTranslate Converse

The best app for international conversations

The new and improved version of iTranslate Converse (arguably one of the best automatic translation apps) focuses on two-way voice translation for 38 different languages. Its automatic language detection means you can whip it out and get right to it. Speak into the phone mic and the app will instantly translate your speech into both text and audio.


The best app for impeccable manners

Your gateway to etiquette, CultureMee is an invaluable source of information about international cultural norms that covers everything from head gestures and taboos to details about necessary visas and what type of power plug to use. The app comes packed with fun facts, crowdsourced videos from locals and visitors, and the option to create a shareable interactive map that tracks your travels.


The best app to explore like a local

Detour is a GPS-guided immersive app that proposes walking tours designed by locals in 17 cities around the world, including San Francisco, Savannah, Rome, Marrakech, London and Barcelona. Each tour lets you walk in the shoes of a special narrator (including Ken Burns, Errol Morris and Philippe Petit) who shares a connection to the city, offering you unexpected insights and experiences.


The best app for a break between flights

Use your downtime between flights to book a hotel room for a few hours with the help of Dayuse. With a network spanning more than 4,000 properties in 22 countries, the app provides the best, easiest way to take a breather in a 3- to 5-star hotel at a greatly discounted rate. Enjoy a nap, freshen up in the shower, hit the gym or use the business centre before heading back to the airport.


The best app for a luxury wellness break

Get access to pools, spas, beach clubs and private cabanas at 500 hotels in the world courtesy of DayPass. Cool off on a hot summer’s day or relax between work sessions at exclusive spots you would normally not have access to, anywhere from Ibiza to Hong Kong.

WiFi Map

The best app to stay wired

Find a free Internet connection in 95 countries worldwide with WiFi Map, which uses crowdsourcing data to create an extensive map of available Wi-Fi services on free and protected networks. The app also provides passwords and helpful tips uploaded by other users.

The best app for data protection

Make public Wi-Fi access safer with, an app that automatically encrypts your data and routes it through a virtual private network. The app’s auto-secure feature means you don’t even need to remember that you have it: With your preferences cloud-synced to all your devices, just connect to a network and the app has your back.