The Gear You Need to Work Remotely

Being on the road and trying to get work done without your usual office set-up can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. From an "invisible" laptop stand to a tech-inspired backpack, here’s the gear that will make working remotely a breeze.

By Stephanie Mercier Voyer

Noise-cancelling Headphones

It’s no secret that by working remotely you’re likely to find yourself sending e-mails from a crowded coffee shop, an airport or a co-working space where outside distractions abound. Avoid letting someone else’s conversation mess with your productivity by investing in high-quality headphones such as Bose’s QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. Instantly turn any café into a quiet workstation by using the slider switch to activate the noise-cancelling function. And when you feel like you want to hear what’s happening around you – or don’t want to miss the barista calling out your order – there’s no need to remove your headphones. Simply activate the Aware mode and you’ll be able to hear what's going on in your surroundings. The brand’s first in-ear noise-cancelling headphones also mean you can say goodbye to bulky over-the-ear headphones and hello to these carry-on-friendly productivity savers.

A Rugged External Hard Drive

A sturdy external hard drive is essential for a functioning mobile office. The last thing you want when you find yourself hundreds of kilometres away from the office is to lose all the work you’ve done. Western Digital’s G-DRIVE Mobile SSD is designed with travellers in mind. It is water- and dust-resistant and features three-metre-drop protection and a 453-kilogram crushproof rating. Better safe than sorry! Its aluminum exterior also prevents the drive from overheating during use, providing you with hours of high performance at a transfer speed of up to 560 MB/s. Best of all, the drive is pocket-sized and weighs just 205 grams.

A Tech-friendly Backpack

Practicality is everything when you’re on the road and moving between meetings, workouts and quiet work sessions. And it doesn’t get much more practical and stylish than the North Face’s Surge backpack. This 31-litre pack has plenty of room and compartments to store all the gear that makes up your mobile office, including fleece-lined pockets to gently tuck away your sunglasses and phone, elastic webbing for your cords and a designated sleeve for your laptop and important documents. Plus, it comes with a breathable lumbar panel and comfortable moulded shoulder straps that make it the ideal bag to bring with you – even on your day off.

A Packable Laptop Stand

Working outside your office means you’ll have to sacrifice some of the comfort you’re used to by leaving behind things like your stand-up desk or your wrist rest. While a lot of these items can be bulky and far from practical on the road, the folks at MOFT have designed what they call the invisible laptop stand. Weighing only 85 grams, the 0.1-centimetre-thick MOFT Laptop Stand attaches to the bottom of your laptop using a special reusable and removable adhesive. It is super-discreet and offers two elevation adjustments to better adapt to your height and preferred work posture. The definition of travel-friendly work gear!

An Emergency Battery Pack

Fewer things are as stressful as landing in a new city with only 10-percent battery left on your phone. We’ve all been there! For a super travel-friendly battery pack, opt for Mophie’s Powerstation Keychain, which holds enough power to extend the life of your device for up to eight hours (depending on the model of your phone). Equipped with a carabiner, the battery pack can be secured to your cabin bag, where it will be easy to reach in case of a power emergency. Travellers in need of some extra juice for multiple devices can turn to Anker PowerCore+. USB-C charging capabilities mean it can not only charge phones and tablets, but also support newer MacBooks. The PowerCore+ packs enough power to charge your phone up to seven times, and your notebook at least once.