What to Watch on Board in June

Air Canada brings you Cannes Grand Prix winner BPM (Beats Per Minute), the gripping spy thriller Red Sparrow and the fabulous battle royale that is RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

For Short Flights

TV: Schitt’s Creek
(Season 1, episodes 1–3; Season 4, episodes 1–4)

Starring Canadian comedy icons Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, this hilarious fish-out-of-water sitcom centres on the Roses, a pretentious well-to-do family who lose their fortune and are forced to move into a motel in a small, humble town.
Where to Find It: Comedy TV channel
Language: English
Running Time: 22 minutes each

TV: Barry
(Season 1, episodes 1–4)

Comedy vet Bill Hader stars as a depressive hit man for hire from the stultifying Midwest. On assignment in Los Angeles, he catches the experimental-theatre bug and decides to pursue his dreams rather than his targets.
Where to Find It: HBO TV channel
Language: English
Running Time: 30 minutes each

What to Listen To

Audio: Young Fathers  – Cocoa Sugar

This Scottish trio won the prestigious Mercury Prize in 2014 for their bracing mashup of hip hop, dub, pop and industrial. This new album, their third full-length, finds them at perhaps their most accessible, streamlining grooves into sometimes stark yet often catchy tracks like the gospel-infused “Lord.”
Where to Find It: Rock audio channel
Language: English
Running Time: 36 minutes

For Longer Flights

Movie: Red Sparrow

This intense, serpentine spy thriller stars Jennifer Lawrence as a former ballet star turned Russian agent brutally trained to use her sex appeal to both charm and kill. Trouble ensues, though, when she falls hard for an American spy played by Joel Edgerton.
Where to Find It: New Releases and Drama movie channels
Languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai
Running Time: 140 minutes

Movie: Adventures in Public School

A biting yet affectionate tale of a nerdy and awkward home-schooled genius who intentionally disobeys his mom to insert himself into the pressure cooker of a public high school in order to meet a girl.
Where to Find It: New Releases and Comedy movie channels
Language: English
Running Time: 86 minutes

Movie: Game Night

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams star in this sly, dark comedy thriller. Instead of their usual weekly board-game night with a group of friends, the married suburbanite couple find themselves dragged into a real murder-mystery contest that might just threaten their lives.
Where to Find It: New Releases and Comedy movie channels
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
Running Time: 93 minutes





Monthly Themed Programming: Pride 2018 (in partnership with OUTtv)

TV: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars
(Season 3, episodes 1–8)

Ten fabulous drag queens compete heel to heel in a series of design, acting and comedy challenges to win the ultimate prize: induction into the Drag Race Hall of Fame.
Where to Find It: OUT TV channel
Language: English
Running Time: 60 minutes each

Movie: BPM (Beats Per Minute)

This moving French docudrama takes us back to tumultuous early-1990s Paris, where a group of ACT UP activists take to the streets in a bid to push the government and pharmaceutical companies to address the burgeoning AIDS crisis.
Where to Find It: Franco and Pride movie channels
Language: French, with English subtitles
Running Time: 140 minutes

Movie: Love Is Strange

This critically acclaimed drama stars John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a married couple who lose their NYC apartment to homophobia, and are forced to temporarily separate and move into tight quarters with friends and family.
Where to Find It: Pride and Drama movie channels on all 737, 777 and 787 flights
Language: English
Running Time: 100 minutes